Biocutem Skin Care Solution (Fixing color agent)


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Skin fixing solution by Biocutem, lock the perfect color for permanent makeup

10ml / Bottle

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Professional  Skin Care Solution (Fixing color agent)

for stabilizing the pigment colors in skin.

Biocutem Skin Care Solution - lock and accelerator for healing the tattooing pigments on the basis of sorbitol. It accelerates the perception of skin pigment with cosmetic makeup permanent procedure.
Biocutem Skin Care Solution (fixing color agent) can be added in the form of droplets to the working solution with paint or apply a thin layer to the skin in the process of pigmentation. As used in (fixing color agent) as preservative damaged skin, lymph stop retains the pigment in the skin. After its application the crust (dried ichor) is less thick and is barely noticeable.


1) Stabilizes color pigment for tattoo under the skin. Prevent discoloration in other shades,

2) Helps to preserve the brightness and color tone of the pigment under the skin,

3) prolongs life tattoo in original quality for a longer time.

Mode of application:

1) Biocutem Skin Care Solution (fixing color agent) Apply on the skin, wait drying of the drug for 20-30 seconds.

2) Add one drop of this fixing color agent in the cap for tattoo pigment.