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Makeup permanent PMU Lips Smooth Anesthetic mask


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10 pcs of Lips Smooth Anesthetic mask

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  • It effects in 1-2 minutes and is long-lasting up to 45~60 minutes.

  • Easy to relieve the pain and very convenient for the PMU procedure.

  • Lip paste anesthetic is delicated design for lip tattoo use.

  • It is specially made with highly concentrated and hygienic pack for tattoo artist. 

  • It helps reducing pain, bleeding and improve color stin when use in proper.

 Method:  Apply lip paste on the area to tattoo for 1-5 minutes then through the area in light state then apply lip paste again 5 more minutes, then start with normal tattoo. 

Note: Store away from sunlight, keep in room temperature. If store below 10 C warm to room temperature before use. For qualify beautician use only.

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